A Response to Bart Sibrel's Films, A Funny Thing happen on the way to the moon and Astronaut Monkey Business

Sibrel make a claim that the Apollo Capsule is in Low Earth Orbit and that the "Earth" shown is being filmed from across the capsule and is really either a Transparency, a The Earth, but shaped by a cutout over the window, or the Earth shaped by filming it through a round window.

Let's put the claims to the test.

We know that the so-called Smoking Gun Footage comes from two of three TV transmissions while the craft coasted to the moon.

These transmissions are GET 10:32 and GET 33:59. However NASA provided all three on the same tape. What happened to the Transmission at GET 30:29?

We'll look into that as we see what it shows, what Sibrel never wanted you to see, in fact so much he totally hides this footage from you.

The Following Screen Captures compare the images of the Earth shown for each of the three transmissions.

GET 10:32 (Camera Test #1)

GET 30:28 (Camera Test #2. This is the missing Transmission from Astronaut Monkey Business but we know that NASA sends the three out as a single Tape. Why is it missing?

GET 33:59 (This is the Live TV Broadcast. Why does Sibrel claim it is never before seen footage? Doesn't he know the camera tests from the Live footage?)

The differences are quite obvious. While there are 20 Hours between shots 1 and 2, there are only 3 1/2 hours between 2 and 3 which explains the greater size difference between shot 1, and that of 2 & 3. The Cloud paterns are quite obviously different between the three shots, thus ruling out any use a claimed transparency.

Comparing them with the following image from the ISS, it can be seen that they could not be taken from low Earth Orbit either.

GET 33:59 Footage

This footage was screened live at the time of Transmission.

Sibrel claims that the Earth is blocked by an Astronaut's arm. Let's see.

Arm or Window Edge?

Have a look at this......

Look Familiar? This is a shot of the window edge blocking the Earth during the missing GET 30:28 Broadcast. Why didn't Sibrel show you this?

GET 30:28 Footage

Missing Footage: This is from the GET 30:28 footage, the stuff Bart Sibrel doesn't want you to see.

The following frames occur in sequence during the GET 30:28 Footage.

GET 30:28 (Earth seen from Apollo 11)

The Earth starts to shrink

According to Sibrels claims, if this Earth is created by a Transparency, or a Cutout, or a round window, then the only ways to shrink it like this is to move back from the window or top be across the capsule and zoom back in. Keep watching....

Earth gets smaller

And smaller....

And smaller....

And smaller. Convinced that I'm not cheating and switching the Earth here?

And smaller still.... Hang on, what's that in the bottom of the frame?

Hmmmm, looks like that is part of the Capsule.

Uhuh, it is part of the capule, the window frame.

The Camera is now zoomed right back, the bottom of the window frame is still there too.

The Window Frame becomes totally visable with the Earth beside it.

Now how can this be right if Sibrel's claims are true? The camera is obviously right next to the window here, we can see it. Yet we can also see that the Earth has totally shrunk. This is impossible if it was being formed by a Transparency or a Cutout. It's pretty obvious that this window isn't round, we can see the shape in the shot.

The Now Totally Empty Window: Try this with a Transparency or In Low Earth Orbit.

Command Module Window showing the shape and revealing how close the camera is to it.

Convinced yet that Sibrel is hiding something from you now? Why didn't he include this footage? It was part of the footage he got from NASA, the three transmissions are on a single tape, so he must have seen it. Why does he hide it from you?

Perhaps it's because this footage proves that the Earth in this transmission is not a Tranparency, nor is it taken in Low Orbit about the Earth.

The Camera now switches to the Interior of the Capsule and after a few moments heads over to a new window. We'll pick it up here.

The new window and.... Yup, the Earth.

We can already see the windows shape here, and it's not circular. We can also see that the blue glow here is neither a Transparency or a Cutout.

Looking at the Earth through the new window.

Earth partially blocked by the new window frame. (Convinced that the claimed "arm" isn't yet?)

Yup that really is the Earth, even if the edge is still blocked by the window.

Yup, it is the same Earth as seen above, just out a different window.

The Eath starts to be blocked by the other side of the window.

Camera is starting to zoom back in, the Earth starts to shrink again.

And smaller. The Earth is still obviously blocked by the window corner showing the window's shape.

The very small Earth. Could a Transparency be used to do this?

The edge of the window appears.

The capsule Window reveals the truth, no cut out, no transparency.

Now let's look at later shots from Get 33:58.

There shots are taken duing the live broadcast, shortly after the crew tell Houston they have moved the camera back from the Window. The light to the left in the images is the interior spotlight. We can compare the Earth's location in the window, by comparing it with the light's position in the bottom image. Again we can see the Earth blocked by the window frame

Having moved back we can see the window blocking part of the Earth.

Earth peeking about Corner of Window.

Wire crosses Earth in Window. (It'd be a rather thin arm.)

Window edge blocks bottom of Earth.

Earth in Window Corner.

Spotlight and Earth peeking through Window.

Command Module Window behind the Cmd.

This is a shot of the same window the Earth is showing through above, except that with the Earth behind it and the Camera setting to interior, the window glare is colouring it blue. Look at the shape compared to the blocked parts of the Earth shown above.

It can be seen that the Earth is often hidden by the window frame and intervening objects when the camera is across the other side of the command module. How can the entire transmission have been achieved with just one blocking right at the start of the fiming if as claimed by Sibrel, the camera is always across the capsule? So back to that blocking of the Earth. If the camera was next to the window, as claimed, if the item blocking the Earth an arm, or the window edge? If it is blocked in the later shot, then why is un-reasonable for it to have been the window eariler?


1) How can the Earth remain the same throughout each broadcast if being filmed from low earth obit?
2) Why are all three images of the Earth different if they are a Transparency as Sibrel claims?
3) Why does Sibrel deliberately remove the GET 30:28 transmission from Astronaut Monkey Business?
4) How can a Tranparency be shrunk and then disappear from the window?
5) If the Earth is so obviously outside the windows in Low Earth Orbit, how is the empty window achieved?

The following was compiled using the work of BAUT poster, Count Zero. My thanks.

So, now that we have shown that Bart Sibrel is lying about what he tells you, can we determine if NASA was?

Well, let’s have a look at what we can find.

As luck would have it, the Astronauts took 70mm photos of the Earth at approximately the same times as the TV transmissions. These images show the earth in a lot more detail. Now since we know the photos were from similar times, we can compare them to the TV footage and see if they match.

TV Transmission One

TV Image70mm Image

TV Transmission Two

TV Image70mm Image

TV Transmission Three

TV Image70mm Image

As we can see, the cloud formations between the TV and 70mm images match. There are a few changes from the fact the Earth is rotating, but this in itself shows that these images were not simply taken using a transparency or a cutout earth, but that it is the real Earth.

Still is there a way to show that this is what the clouds looked like?

Remember that in 1969 weather satellites were in there infancy, however weather recording wasn’t. It turns out that the NOAA Central Library recorded all the daily weather maps for the USA since 1871 and have put them all on the net. So we can get the map which shows the rain affected areas for the USA on the 17th of July, 1969, the day the TV transmission was taken. We can then compare this map with the cloud formations over the Northern America continent as seen in the 70mm Photo. Obviously there can be cloud without rain, but there can’t be rain without clouds, and so there should be heavy cloud formations over the areas of rain. Let’s have a look.

Weather Map 17 July, 196970mm Image Match for 3rd Transmission

As can be seen above, the cloud patterns displayed in the Apollo images does indeed match with the excpeted clouds required to produce the Rain Pattern in the US on the 17th of July, 1969. This shows that the photos are consistant with the Earth on the date NASA claims to have taken them.

What conclusion can we draw from these facts?

  • The Earth is unable to be a transparency stuck to the window
  • The Images weren't the Earth filmed through a round window
  • The Earth doesn't look anything like it would in the CSM was in Low Earth Orbit
  • The Earth was filmed with the Camera beside the window, and shrunk it when the camera focused in onto the window
  • When the camera was moved back, the Earth is clearly often blocked by the window frame and hanging wires inside the Command Module
  • The 70mm Photos and the images taken from the live TV transmissions are shown to match
  • The US Weather Map for the 17th July 1969 can be shown to match the clouds shown over the US in the Apollo photo said to have been taken at the time.

So here we end this little study with one final question. Who do we believe? Bart Sibrel who hides information from us and lies about what is happening, or NASA who has presented us images that appear to check out with the weather that was occuring at the time? I can't tell you which to believe, I can only present you these indisputable facts. With them given, I'll let you, the reader, investigate what I have presented here further, and come to your own informed decision on who you want to believe.

Screenshots taken from Fly Me to the Moon on Disc One of Spacecraft Films Apollo 11: Men on the Moon